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09 September 2017 @ 06:59 pm
SS/HP Prophet - September 3 - 9  
Banner art by sealcat

One Shots
[x] 99Blackpanther99: Blackmail [Explicit]
[x] Anonymous: A Year And A Day And Forever [R]
[x] Ellory: Let Me Be Your Wish Come True (Upon a Shooting Star) [Mature]
[x] GallifreyGod: More Than Meets the Eye [General]

Completed Chapter Fic
[x] Elvirakitties: Connection - Chapter 3/3 [Teen]

Works In Progress
[x] Alairia_Young: Of Snarkyness And Sarcasm - Chapter 4/? [Teen]
[x] Blacksky92: Sacred Parchment - Chapter 22/? [Explicit]
[x] Blacksky92: Sacred Parchment - Chapter 24/? [Explicit]
[x] Debstheslytherinsnapefan: The Leader – Chapter 53/? [Teen]
[x] Elvirakitties: I Don't Think So - Chapter 16/? [Not Rated]
[x] Elvirakitties: Not His Year - Chapter 11/? [Not Rated]
[x] FalconLux: Memories of Freak - Chapter 9/? [Mature]
[x] GoldenGirl1: Worst Than 3rd Year - Chapter 1/? [Mature]
[x] Goldengirl1: Worst Than 3rd Year - Chapter 2/? [Mature]
[x] Inspiritedmama: Gwyrdd Arwar - Book the Third - Chapter 24/? [Teen]
[x] Lilian: Harry boards a train - Chapter 3/? [Explicit]
[x] Myfavoriteismike: Pride, Prejudice, and Potions - Chapter 1/? [Not Rated]
[x] Noenoe: Amid the Ruins - Chapter 9/? [Mature]
[x] Quietier: Going Back - Chapter 2/? [Not Rated]
[x] Quietier: Going Back - Chapter 3/? [Not Rated]
[x] RiverDeNile: The Greatest Weapon - Chapter 15/? [Explicit] Chan
[x] Sablesilverrain: Crusade - Chapter 7/? [Explicit]
[x] Snarry5evr: Carpe Diem - Chapter 11/12 [Explicit]
[x] Sureves: Cheek - Chapter 2/? [Explicit] Chan
[x] ThunderPhoenix: Chemistry - Chapter 14/? [Mature]
[x] ThunderPhoenix: Chemistry - Chapter 15/? [Mature]
[x] alisanne: Loud and Clear - Part Twenty-Seven of the Wisdom Series [NC-17]
[x] gin_tonic: Home & Preparations - Part of the Apologies Series [PG]

Drabbles And Ficlets
[x] Pekeleke: Harry's Greed [Not Rated]
[x] Sureves: Turn Out Your Pockets [Explicit] Chan
[x] alisanne: Holiday Hobby [NC-17]

[x] snape_potter: Reminder Prompt Claiming for Secret Snarry Swap CONTINUES THROUGH SEPTEMBER 17!
[x] snarry100: Posted Challenge 593: Legal

This Newsletter
[x] Send your Snape/Harry news to sshp.prophet@gmail.com!
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